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Yes! You can access the Immijob platform from anywhere in the world.

Some countries have signed bilateral agreements with Canada with regard to immigration, making it faster to obtain a work permit. For this reason, the Immijob team undertakes a preliminary analysis of your immigration profile when you post your resume.

When you post your resume on the platform, the Immijob team undertakes a preliminary analysis of your immigration profile, in order to determine if you qualify for a work permit program in Canada.

Once this analysis is completed, the Immijob team adds the information to your profile, as a logo. These can be found below. Only your ability to qualify for a work permit program is disclosed to recruiters. Your personal information remains strictly confidential.

Immijob Logos



Already in possession of a status allowing him/her to start working immediately!


This candidate does not yet have a status allowing him/her to work in Canada, however, he/she is eligible for an immigration program. He/she should be able to work in Canada within a reasonable delay!


This candidate does not yet have a status allowing him/her to work in Canada, and he/she will need to apply for one: you will have to be patient to hire this candidate!


This candidate does not yet have a status allowing him/her to work in Canada, however, he/she is eligible for an immigration program allowing him/her to obtain a work permit very quickly!


The necessary information needed to draw up this candidate’s immigration profile has not been provided. Contact the Immijob team to find out more.

Unless you are a permanent resident, you must hold a work permit, also known as a “work visa”, to be ale to work in Canada.

There are very few exceptions… these are so limited that you should consult an immigration specialist before accepting any job in Canada without a work permit. Generally, a work permit is required even for a trial period.

It is your responsibility to submit your work permit application, or that of the authorized professional you have retained to represent you (for example, an immigration attorney).

Generally, the application is submitted online. Before committing yourself to this work permit application, your employer should provide you with the positive or neutral LMIA (Labour Market Impact Study) and the CAQ – Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec – (only for the province of Quebec) that he has obtained, or alternatively, the job offer number issued after submitting his offer on the IRCC Employer Portal.

Immetis professionals are authorized to represent you and submit work permit applications on a daily basis.

The delays vary considerably depending on various factors, such as age, nationality, the work permit program being used and the job being offered in Canada.

While some work permits can be issued directly at the border, processing times are usually two to six months. For example, the delay is two months for a Young Professional Permit. It goes up to 6 months for a work permit subject to a classic LMIA. Some IT specialists were able to obtain a work permit in 3-4 weeks.

It is important to clearly define your project before beginning any immigration procedures and to anticipate these delays in order to choose the most suitable immigration program.

As a foreign worker, you will have the same rights and obligations towards your employer as a Canadian citizen. Nothing more, nothing less.

This means, among other things, that if your employer ends your contract or if you choose to resign, you will no longer be able to work in Canada unless you get a new permit with another employer. This also applies if you want to change jobs.

If you have an open work permit, you will be able to leave your job and work for a new employer, without having to apply for a new work permit.

Apart from the costs related to submitting a job offer via the IRCC Employer Portal or to the preparation of a LMIA, which must be paid by your employer, all other costs can be paid either by the employer or by yourself.

This is a matter of negotiation between the two of you.

Who pays for what?

As a holder of a so-called employer-specific work permit, i.e. the employer’s name will be indicated on your permit, you are usually eligible for RAMQ (“Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec”). A waiting period of up to 3 months may apply.

Despite this coverage, for certain work permits under the IEC program (International Co-op, Working Holiday or Young Professional Permit), you may be required to take out private insurance for hospitalization and repatriation.

All salary conditions (e.g. wages, holidays, workplace, occupation) declared to the authorities as part of the LMIA or the work permit application must be strictly observed during the employment period.

You should check with the authorities or seek advice before agreeing to any change in these salary conditions to ensure that you remain in compliance with the Immigration Act at all times.

Usually, it is not recommended to come to Canada and wait for your work permit. Officers may be unwilling to let you enter the country if you have a pending application for a permit that has not been finalized, fearing that you may start working illegally before you receive your permit.

Your immediate family members can come with you.

These are your minor or dependent children under the age of 22, your spouse who is married or with whom you have been living in a marital relationship under the same roof for more than 12 months.

If you are in skilled employment, your spouse may be allowed to work in Canada on the basis of a so-called open permit, which means that he or she can work for any employer.

Your children will be able to go to school. If your children are of high school age or above, you should check specifically, as they will need to be admitted to an educational institution and apply for a study permit.

This section is intended to provide general information about immigration to Canada, to make the terms understandable and should not be considered as legal advice.


Immijob works closely with the law firm Immetis Legal Services inc., for all your immigration and mobility needs.